Compensate my Soul


I want to be whole again. I don’t sleep in my bed. It painfully reminds me of you. How even now, it cuts so even more deeply. Mistakes. Lust. Numbness. I want the covers to not remind me of us. I refuse to have the duvet wrap around my body. My bed gives me comfort, rest and safety and now the…

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Taking a risk


You always take a risk when it comes to being with someone. You honestly don’t know how it will end. The two of you hope for the best in the beginning and hopefully it stays like that throughout the relationship but things never go as planned. You two could part ways slowly, you two could secretly…

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I’m slowly crumbling to pieces. Putting on a front where I show everyone I’m happy and it’s not working anymore. I just want to be with you. I just want to fix everything. And I know I keep screwing up but I never promised that I was perfect. Please just take me back… I love you so much.

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Be humble but always remember your worth and be confident enough to defend it, always.
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"I see you as one of my good friends."

And yet you end up treating me like I am your enemy. You preach about God’s powerful message yet you end up doing the dirty deed. I understand why and how you feel guilty. You were not 100% truthful to me after all I have done is treated you with kindness. I gave you another chance and you blew it completely out of the waters. I can cut ties with someone easily because it is not worth my efforts to try to piece the different parts together when it should’ve been broken a long time ago.

You have changed. You have a bad group of friends and you are not staying true to your words. I hope the best for you and I am sorry we will not be crossing paths any time soon. You lost a friend, a person who sees the good in you, a person who was willing to give you a second chance.

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